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10 Online Dating Sites Warning Flags – The Gay Man Edition

10 Online Dating Sites Warning Flags – The Gay Man Edition

1. You will be putting on glasses in just about every photo

We actually don’t understand. We reside in Seattle… nearly recognized for becoming brilliant and blinding. What exactly are you hiding? Have you got a perpetual sty that you’re awesome embarrassed about? Possibly mention it in your profile… or perhaps don’t. If we’re being honest I actually don’t comprehend the correlation between homosexual males and sunnies – but (can’t resist the chance for the pun that is good it certainly makes you look very questionable. HEYOOOO.

Greg: “What is by using the glasses. I cannot. Those are like report bags for the eyes and I also don’t trust you”

2. Your “About Me” is really a novel that is damn

We have a difficult time using this one because We tend to review just what men state about by themselves before even swiping through the pictures.

possibly it is a clear indicator that I’m not utilizing Tinder precisely. I assume I appreciate eloquence over abs.

Greg: “Who ISN’T thinking about flicks, games, publications, exercise, moving, songs and meals!? Like, exactly exactly exactly what else can there be? Do a pulse is had by you?! Congrats. You merely described your self in 120 terms as a HUMAN.”

(I wish to observe that I, Kendra, would like to be treated as a person.