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How to Download photos From a sdcard to a Computer

How to Download photos From a sdcard to a Computer

By Shea Laverty

Many cameras and smart phones come equipped with or feature support for SD cards, making these memory cards great for storing pictures. The process of downloading the photos to your computer is generally the same while there are a few ways to access the photos on your SD card.

Connecting to what is caffmos the Computer

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Exactly How your sdcard connects to your pc depends partially on your pc and partially on what you employ the card. The three most common options are connecting the card straight using a integral sdcard slot, using an reader that is external adapter or by linking your phone or digital camera towards the computer with a USB cable.

  • The card for built-in card readers, locate the SD card slot on your computer and insert. Make sure you’re putting the card in correctly or you won’t be able to access the data. You also risk injury to the card. If you should be using a microSD card, you’ll need a adapter card that is microSD-to-SD.
  • For external card visitors or adapters, insert your card to the audience or adapter and connect the reader to your computer. Typically, readers or adapters connect via USB.
  • For direct connection between cameras and phones, switch your unit to computer or USB mass storage mode, then link it to your computer using a USB cable.

Using Autoplay

Autoplay is a Windows function that helps you set a default action for Windows to take whenever you connect a computer device, in this full situation A sd card. Options include starting the SD card in File Explorer as a folder, opening the images in an app like the Windows 8 Photos application or G gle’s Picasa, or in image modifying pc software like Adobe Photoshop or GIMP. Just What choices you are presented with be determined by just what computer software you’ve got set up on your pc.